Premier League. Tickets for Leicester last game sold out in 90 minutes

Just 90 minutes lasted sale of tickets for the final match of the season, which Leicester City players will play in front of their audience. On the Internet, „horses” do not want for up to 15 thousand. pounds. Sensational leader of the Premier League on May 7 and then take Everton could have ensured the championship.
The match will take place on 7 May and there are chances that Leicester will then celebrate the championship of England. At five games before the end of the Premier League Leicester has seven points clear of second-placed Tottenham. To win the title you need three wins.

On Monday he started selling tickets for the final match of the season at home to Everton. I ended up after 90 minutes. The club boasts on its website that tickets sold out in record time.

Many of those who bought tickets, almost immediately issued them for re-sale in the auction. After much higher prices. Prices for a single ticket prices reach several thousand pounds for a double seat you have to pay up to 15 thousand. pounds (about 80 thousand. zł). The normal selling tickets, depending on the location, cost tens of pounds.

A large group of supporters of Leicester, who have bought permanent membership in the club is disappointed. – How is it possible that I pay 100 pounds a year for the opportunity to pre-booked tickets and still can not do it? – Complain to the fans on the BBC website.

– Club for the past years, well treated fans, but I think I will have to answer the question of how it came to this situation. I do not know how come the average person would not afford such an expense. That’s the price of a decent used car – he said, quoted by the BBC website, one of the fans. – He writes another.

Leicester has announced that it will take legal action against people who will try to sell tickets above their prices and recalls that the unauthorized trade tickets in the UK crime.