Michael Biegler for Sport.pl: I am glad that I am a Polish coach, not Germany [INTERVIEW]

When we look at the „old”, the great Polish representation, which in 2007 was runner-up in the world, in every position it was two great players. In the near future is no longer the case – says Sport.pl Michael Biegler, the coach of the Polish team handball, bronze medalists of the World Cup in Qatar.
Michael Szaflarski, Dominik Szczepanski: Since when are you a coach?

Michael Biegler: The seriously since 1985.

Why such a success, third place at the world championships, came after 30 years of work?

– I look at it differently. Now we have a great squad of players who play regularly in the Champions League, are in good clubs in Kielce and Plock, but compare that with something another.

Once we were with Jack (Będzikowskim, current assistant coach – ed.) In a very difficult situation. I was a coach in Wilhelmshaven, we had a very modest possibilities and understaffed, and Jacek had to play three positions. There was a season that barely gave advice to keep. And as the seasons come this year, in which not end up with the league, it is a success. When comprises a team that is last in the table and kept it in the league, this is also a success. This requires the whole season a lot more effort than working with the national team. You can not even compare.

Not just for the medals, because it’s not my style of work. In Germany, never drove the big teams, I was the coach, who preferred to lead smaller clubs. This style is more suited to me. I was brought up just so that you do not always only the first place has to be reckoned with. The idea is to move in the context of what we can do to be getting better and continues to grow. It gives me satisfaction.

How handball changed during these 30 years?

– Very. The game is now very fast, much more athletic. Players must quickly adjust to the next field to watch the game. They need to see that they do not stand alone on the pitch, hide opponents, playing a man short. In the attack, it is important to really good technique to ensure that there was talk of scoring a goal. Players today are more versatile and more creative when it comes to playing in the attack. During these 30 years handball grown enormously.

And what’s next? In which direction will follow these changes?

– You should not go in the direction of the acceleration of the game. Handball at the moment competes with other disciplines of the viewers and not become a sport, for which you can not keep up. We can not even more complicated.

How did it happen that you were the coach of the Polish team?

– Poland Handball Federation organized the contest. I sent the notification. Not obsessively looking for a job. The system had to fit both sides. I was surprised that they chose me, but I think there is always be surprised when you get the job.

And how do you like this job?

– It is diverse, because they do not deal with only the first staff. We must commend the President and the relationship that they give us the opportunity to invite for training many young people. This allows us to deal with the future.

How do you do it?

– Sometimes we would first spend a few days with some very talented young players, and then deal with dough, or Jureckimi Bielecki. Sometimes it’s hard to try something new, but in the end it all gives me a lot of joy.

Third place at the World Cup reflects our position in the world?

– We knew that Poland is able to win against teams from the big four, namely Denmark, France, Spain and Croatia. And so it was – we won championships with Spain after extra time, and earlier with Croatia. But it is not so that the other teams have bounced. In Qatar, it was Hungary, are nevertheless still strong Slovenia, Sweden and Germany.

Why we lost the match against Qatar?

– Over 60 minutes kryliśmy no rival in such a way that we set. It was a very difficult match for our players, but I think that for a long time the team played well, as planned, will not yield to knock out the rhythm of the hot atmosphere in the hall. There were some mistakes, a couple of times in the defense does not intercepted a few simple balls. We had at one time a real chance to handle the ball, but it happened a couple of things that happen when you play against the hosts, it’s normal, so we did not go as we wanted.