Oscar Pistorius will leave jail on bail

South African disabled athlete Oscar Pistorius has been released from custody on bail – the court decided in Pretoria. Five-time Paralympic champion in the morning on Feb. 14 shot his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.
Prior to the decision, which was met with applause from the audience gathered Pistorius family, Judge Desmond Nair pointed out both the errors police officers working on the investigation, as well as the inconsistencies in the testimony of the accused.

To go free athlete must pay 113 thousand. U.S. dollar deposits (originally the judge set the amount to only 28 thousand. dollars) and twice a week to put in the police station.

Among the conditions set by Nair are also forbidden to leave Pretoria without the permission of a guardian assigned to him, putting all passports and their weapons, the prohibition of alcohol and drugs, niewracanie to your property and avoid contact with witnesses.

Pistorius on Tuesday heard a premeditated murder charge. Classification of the act has not been changed. The process will resume on June 4.

At the launch of an athlete from the beginning started three days ago, the trial prosecutor did not agree. Gerrie Nel representing it pointed out that there is a high probability that the athlete would try to escape from South Africa.

Warned that outbreaks of tears, which were often seen actors are not an expression of guilt.

– The only person to whom he is sorry, he is alone. Thoughts: I killed her and my career is over – emphasized.

Argument on whether to escape the main attorney objected to the 26-year-old player Barry Roux, on the grounds that his client – because of the huge popularity and move on dentures – will not be able to leave the country.

The prosecutor also called to treat athlete along with everyone and does not take into account its fame and disability.

Nell on Friday continued to try to prove that the shooting of a woman staying in the bathroom was on the part of the planned action Pistorius. Defense version athlete maintains that killed 29-year-old model by mistake, taking her for a burglar. Paraolimpijczyk fired through the closed door four times, three of which hit Steenkamp bullets in the head, shoulder and hip. He explained that he reached for the gun, because it was dark and he felt threatened.

Before the start of Friday’s meeting of the AMPI Louw, who in the past trained for many years Pistorius told reporters gathered in the court that if the athlete is released, it is possible that it will be back to practice. He added that he realizes that the recent events an athlete can not yet be emotionally ready to concentrate fully on running.

– This, however, would allow him to clear his mind. The earlier you start, the better – he stressed.

On Thursday Roux enumerated errors committed by police officers. He noted that so far the investigation leading Hilton Botha himself is accused of the attempted murder. In view of the uncertainties relating to the chief of police officer put in his place Vineshkumara Moonoo detective.

Previously, the defender also questioned the testimony of a witness who says he heard screams in the house before the shots were fired Pistorius. Roux warned that the person lives too far away to make her relationship deemed to be reliable.

Presenting the plan apartment on Wednesday, Nel said that despite the darkness athlete could not help noticing that Steenkamp is not in bed. And just such an argument Pistorius presented on Tuesday in a statement read out by a lawyer.

Botha said at the time that the bathroom found two phones iPhone, BlackBerry and bedroom two. None of them was used to call for help. The officer also reported finding ammunition for the pistol caliber 9 mm. According to him, Pistorius did not have a permit to possess such weapons, which was shot Steenkamp.

The policeman added that in the bedroom were also two boxes of testosterone and syringes. Roux said that they were herbal medicines. Nell reserved and that it was suggested that the athlete be applied.

Local media reported in recent days that the home of the famous paraolimpijczyka there have already been acts of violence, and the police at the scene found a bloody cricket bat. Information about blood traces contradicted the police and the defendant in a statement noted that he used it to balance the locked door to the bathroom, when he realized his mistake in.

The local press, which widely reported case Pistorius, suggests that the reason for the murder could be jealousy.

Pistorius is the first athlete in history, which occurred after limb amputation in the Olympic Games (in Beijing and London). He lost both his legs at the age of 11 months as a result of congenital defects. 15 July 2007, the IAAF NA meeting in Sheffield, starting on special prostheses competed as the first disabled athlete along with proficient athletes.