Lotus impressed by the race simulation, Boullier tones down the mood

On the third day of Formula 1 testing at the Circuit de Catalunya Team Lotus for the first time this year moved his race car simulation, which impressed the competition.

Romain Grosjean defeated the E21 model, 66 laps, changing tires just four times. Just because the new tires Pirelli Barcelona wears incredibly quickly – some drivers complain that works as it should, even by only one circle.

On one of the sets of Lotus managed to ride 24 laps yesterday, during which time hovering just over 1 minute and 29 seconds. Impressed with the pace car in black and gold, and how long he can sustain the life of the tire, is, among others. Nico Hulkenberg with Sauber.

„Lotus was very good.” – Said the German. „Not realized the same programs, and they have flooded the fuel used to Baku, but this (race simulation) was good. From what I remember, they were also strong here last winter, also in terms of stability of performance and care for the tires. Bearing in mind, I wore a rubber, (toll Grosjean) was good. ”
Grosjean Sam asked how he managed to overcome the distance race with only four sets of tires, said: „It was very, very hard! Tires are very degraded and after two laps passed by radio ‚tires are dead’. But I had to drive 66 wheels, so I gave it everything, I tried to adjust to the situation of his driving style. In addition, the conditions did not help. It’s cold, and it does not help the tires work. ”

Formula 1 paddock as Lotus shows this year as one of the fastest single lap also, but team boss Eric Boullier not fall into optimism.

„Sure I do not, but zadwolony yes.” – Said the Frenchman asked by AUTOSPORT about the service their feelings about the performance model E21.

Boullier is waiting for the last round of winter testing, to which most of the teams with cars will issue the first major package of improvements – including Lotus.
„Poverty have sensible amendments.” – Said the stable master. „For the next test they bring all structures in the specification of the Australian Grand Prix already, so we’ll see in a week, who is where. Then we will be able to stop and draw some conclusions. But the race is still in Melbourne „.

Meanwhile, Grosjean admitted that this year’s Lotus car runs better with the exhaust Coanda than last year because he was „under the” build, not only adjusted during the season.

„If last year we mounted exhaust Coanda, a car is not guided by the best. But when it introduced quite late, and the car is a little more designed around this solution, so that the high-speed corners behaves quite nice. „- Romain explained.