Germany – Italy. Assailants fatally, weak defenders [EVALUATION Germans]

Representation of Germany lost the Euro semi-final with Italy 1:2. Nearly all have failed. Were fatally Gomez and Klose, the errors committed by counsel. For a good level of play only Neuer, Khedira and Reus.


Manuel Neuer – 3

Still certain point the Germans. When executed goals had nothing to say. Show off, especially when in the first half Cassano defended his powerful shot.

Jerome Boateng – 2

He looked asleep. He tried to turn into action offensive, but nothing that was not clear. The defense made mistakes. Edited by Thomas Müller.

Mats Hummels – 1

He started very well. Again and again he stopped Balotellego and Cassano. In 20th minute, however, gave a childish way to get around Cassano, who scored the goal Balotellego assistance. The end of the match was in the dream situation, but he could not beat Buffon.

Holger Badstuber – 2

Uncertain playing Bayern Munich defender. Not przypilnował Balotellego with his first goal. In 75th minute lay down on the ground, allowing for serious beat Marchisio.

Philipp Lahm – 1

Not up to the German captain. He was the main culprit for the second goal Balotellego. There remained offside line, and then never managed to catch up with the national team striker. In the second half nicely drove forward, but in a convenient situation badly przestrzelił

Toni Kroos – 3

The task was przypilnować Andrea Pirlo. And it came out good. Also scary hit. But the goal was Buffon …

Bastian Schweinsteiger – 2

Not exactly wywiązywał the defensive tasks. The attack also did not show

Mesut Ozil – 2

He was to be the one who eventually proves to be a better playmaker than Pirlo. He failed. In stoppage time in a safe manner used a penalty.

Sami Khedira – 3

In addition to the best player in Germany’s Neuer. Particularly scary, when zapędzał forward. In this respect, far better than Schweinsteiger. In the second half but a bit weak.

Lukas Podolski – 1

It was not successful Euro Podolski. He scored only one goal. In the match against Italy completely invisible. Once he had a very considerable loss, after which the Italians led counterattack. During the break, edited by Marco Reus.

Mario Gomez – 1

Sagittarius three goals in the Euro semi-final was completely invisible. There came to that, he rarely colleagues reported. During the break, edited by Miroslav Klose. The news of German fans who cheered in the stadium.

Marco Reus – 3

He came in the second half and was much better than Podolski. Activity in the attack, all the while jerking and caused much trouble the Italian defenders. But he lacked the accuracy and support colleagues.

Miroslav Klose – 1

Gomez has changed and he played like he did. Hopeless.

Thomas Müller – played too short to judge