Euro 2012. Italian media: we know that the Germans were a little frightened of us

We are not afraid, but we know that the Germans were a little afraid of us – the dominant mood in Italy before Thursday’s semi-final of European football championships in Warsaw. The duel of the mountain is called „a fascinating meeting,” and „an exciting game of dreams.”

There is even joy, that the Italians will meet with the enemy, is considered to be extremely difficult and undefeated. Rate this game and the strength of the German team are more a source of joy, mobilization in the face of great challenges and great sentiment than concern. Italian commentators and fans dreaming of a repeat of the semi-finals of World Cup in Germany in 2006, when the Azzurri defeated the hosts, and soon won the world championship.

Relations with Polish and comments in the Italian press is full of words, „courage”. Even more fun rapporteurs produces high activity and the presence of increasing numbers of Italian fans in Warsaw, who – as it emphasizes – are admitted with great sympathy.

„Try again, Italio” – calls in the title of „Corriere della Sera”. According to the daily Azzurri face the possibility of meeting a „new dream”. Emotions are great – underlines the Milanese newspaper also warned against the consequences of massive nervous tension, which can burn the energy.

The commentator asking: „Forward, boys,” notes that the German representation can be overcome, despite considerable changes in recent years. Currently, he stressed, it is composed of the sons of immigrants, „new Germans” – such as Podolski, Klose and Oezil – is a multi-ethnic team. „There is a strong national idea where the ball” – says Italian journalist.

Also estimated that the Italian team in the current line is weaker than in the past 10 years, but „better run”. The largest Italian newspaper commentator points out that Italy has long been waiting for players Prandellego success.

„What a moment of luck to beat the Germans” – you can also read in „Corriere della Sera”.

„No fear” – such a great headline is on the first page of „La Gazzetta dello Sport,” which the Italian footballers writes: „our gladiators.” The largest sports daily estimates that it will be „the most beautiful game”, of course – as expected – winning.

In his view, Germany is indeed stronger and are intelligently organized team, it will be difficult to them to threaten Italy, have never managed to overcome.

„We have all the technical weapons to threaten the super-Germans” – underlined in the article. He cites the words of coach Cesare Prandellego: „” We will attack „and his assurance that players will give their all in order not to miss the last two years.

The reason for satisfaction are also reported – and this at first hand – from the German national team. Perfectly familiar with Italian soccer Miroslav Klose said in an extensive media interview quoted by the newspaper „La Stampa” that you end up with the persistent German stereotype that Italians are „lazy”. „Now this is not true” – he noted. What’s more, Klose admitted that Italian players are more willing to invent new solutions. „On the pitch it can be an advantage,” – he said.

The media focus is on coming from the Italian clusters to ensure that there is in it a great calm, and the team had time to rest and is in excellent condition. The ranks of the Italians in Poland and in press commentaries have already passed the anger arranged by UEFA competitions calendar, which meant that the Germans are resting before the semi-final match two days longer than the Azzurri, who previous played on Sunday. Expresses this annoyance was, inter alia, „La Stampa”, who wrote bluntly that such an error can afford to organizers of sporting events for indulgence, but not the European Championships.