Euro 2012. The hardest battle Joachim Lowa. The coach versus” Picture”

They won the last 15 games for points, went on to become the favorites for Euro 2012. Tranquility on the grouping did not exist, because coach wants to get hold of „mole”, which reveals the composition of the largest and most influential German newspaper – „Bildowi”

The row erupted after Friday’s quarter-final with Greece. Löw said that for a few days wondering how to surprise the European champions in 2004 and concluded that he must change a few players, because the first eleven rivals have worked out very well. Composition invented sensational, because the bench landed three players who started the previous games from the first minute: three goals scorer Mario Gomez, the best young player last World Cup, Thomas Muller and regularly brought on to the big tournaments, Lukas Podolski. Instead, two youths staged Löw: Marco Reus and Andre Schürrle and Miroslav Klose.

„Mole” is not a footballer?

The surprise, however, was not a rival speech, because five hours before the game revealed the composition of the „Bild”, the most powerful German newspaper that every buys about 2.7 million people, and reads about 12.5 million. – I can not explain, but rule out the possibility that the composition handed player. They talk with many people but also with their agents. Probably one of them is responsible for the leak. I’ll find out that, because it’s bad when too soon ‚cards – explaining the German coach.

In the locker room, despite a strong 4-2 victory, the players were told that their boss is very unhappy. – I can not imagine that the leak came from a player. It’s probably someone outside the team – said Schürrle.

Tabloid published a part of the website a few hours before each match group stage. But then Löw reacted calmly after the first match against Portugal explained that it did not matter to the outcome, so forget about the case.

– Low tries to limit the influence of „Bild”, which is not easy, because at least 30 years, this newspaper has plenty to say in German football. In 1982, forcefully promoted his favorite and today’s columnist Paul Breitner. The coach Jupp Derwall was under such pressure that he had no choice and took it for the world cup. Two years later, after the failure of the European Championships, on the cover expressed the wish that the staff saved Franz Beckenbauer. I „The Emperor” was coach. All must be from the „Bild” to count, because really he shapes the opinion of supporters – says Thomas Dudek, a German journalist.

Czar „Bild”

There also leaned her Borussia Dortmund coach Jürgen Klopp. On Saturday the „Bild” celebrated its 60th birthday. In a special, free edition, sent to 41 million households in Germany (newspaper bosses are hoping that this Guinness World Record), trainer champions Germany on two sides presented their own private photo album.

– A year ago in the pages of this newspaper, Arjen Robben was presented as an outstanding football player. This season, after a few worse matches, „Bild” pointing out his selfishness, Bayern urged to get rid of it. The result? When the Euro against Bayern faced in sparring with the representation of the Netherlands, Robben was booed by the audience in Munich. „Die Zeit” can write whatever he wants, but will never have such an impact on the readers’ – Dudek added.

Cobblestone years has a great relationship in the relationship, activists regularly provide them with exclusive information. Beckenbauer, many of which are still dependent on German football, wrote feature articles for him.

It is better to work …

Those who have the „Bild” do not want to cooperate, they have a hard life. Jürgen Klinsmann for years ignored the tabloid and March 2006, two months before the World Cup organized by Germany, he learned that he should be fired. Selekcjonerowi driven campaign against the information provided by long-time informant „Bild” and the record-breaker in terms of performances in the representation of Lothar Matthaus, Klinsmann niecierpiącego heartily.

Lowa, who took over from his representation, from the first day defended the results, and he had no thought ogle the „Bild”. When two years ago, despite the poor season, Klose and Podolski, did not take the world championship in great Kevin Kuranyi’ego Schalke, Germany rumored that the striker has decided to close cooperation with the tabloids. Löw was afraid that anything you say, the next day read a few million people.

The influence of their own skin felt „Bild” a few months before the World Cup. Tabloid published a list of demands when a coach that must be met in order to prolong the contract. The consultation was informed before the decision of the head gave Löw federation.

Before Euro 2012 coach probably thought that the nightmare he will spend the Dutch or the Spanish. It turned out that most of his team to prevent newspaper which prides itself on the fact that the last 28 years has published more than five thousand. photos of topless models.