Euro 2012. Spain midfielder Xabi Alonso: We can criticize us for the style of play. We still do not change

The semi-final with Portugal we do not anticipate any plan under the name „anti Ronaldo.” We will play his own, or how close together, with lots of applications – said defensive midfielder Xabi Alonso of Spain.

– Both teams know each other very well and actually nothing can not be surprised. We do not have a plan against one player, but we know exactly how the meeting should play as a team – Xabi Alonso told a news conference in Gniewino.

During the World Cup in 2010 in the eighth round Spain defeated Portugal 1-0. – Since then, the composition of the opponents specifically has not changed, but the last two years they have made good progress. It will be a completely different match. Both teams prefer an offensive style of play, so you can expect an interesting spectacle. It will also be difficult for us to match, but I am convinced that we find ourselves in the finals – said the Real Madrid midfielder.

Winner of two goals in the last quarter-final match with France does not care about special criticism, which affects his team.

– Debate on the subject never seems to end. I heard that we play boring football, but you do not plan to change in their tactics. I still want to control the game and be constantly in possession of the ball and thus reach the gate of the situation. The coach gives us the freedom to play, and we’ll use in this way and not another way – said Alonso.

Portugal first advanced to the semifinals, so you have two more days to rest from the masters of Europe. 31-year-old claims that their rivalry should not play more important.

– We have yet to make any impact and such things must simply accept. Like the trip to Donetsk, and the temperature difference between Poland and Ukraine. The main thing to be physically and mentally prepared for this match at 100 percent – summed up Xabi Alonso.

In the semi-state defensive midfielder in front of fellow club Real Madrid.

– Cristiano, and Pepe Coentrao present themselves perfectly throughout the season. Similarly, will probably also on Wednesday – Alonso finishes.