German football legend criticizes Real Madrid players. „More often I see radiator Ronaldo, than my wife’s breast”

For players and fans of Real Madrid victory over Barcelona always has a special taste. When the previous Saturday, the players of this club win away to arch-rivals 2: 1, in the ranks of the Los Blancos euphoria. Already in the dressing room after the game, Cristiano Ronaldo and Co., smiling from ear to ear, zapozowali common photos. A few days later, the stars of Real faces some zrzedły, when in the first quarter-final match of the Champions League were brought to the ground, losing to Wolfsburg 0: 2. After this challenge very critical of the team, Zinedine Zidane spoke legend of German football, Oliver Kahn.


Las Vegas Arena? At which stadium will play Widzew?

It is willing to buy the rights to name the stadium at al. Pilsudski. This company Tomaszow Mazowiecki – learned „Election”
Construction of the stadium of Widzew

The stadium al. Pilsudski, where their games is to play Widzew, is to be completed in November. Fully Covered grandstand can accommodate 18 thousand. viewers, and 24 lounges for VIPs and commercial space to be used for commercial purposes. The investment, together with the reconstruction of the local infrastructure, is expected to cost about 128 million zł.Clash Royale Hack

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For now, of course, you do not know how it will be called the stadium. The fans certainly would like to name it after the legendary president of Widzew Ludiwka Sobolewski. But there is still commercial name. And apparently no longer it is willing.

According to unofficial information, it is to be a company in Las Vegas from Tomaszow Mazowiecki, producing energy drinks. Las Vegas is the official partner of the Polish national football team and the sponsor trzecioligowej Lechia. In the past also he sponsored Tomasz Adamek.

1.5 million zł for hall

Her bosses do not want yet officially comment on the subject, although not deny. It is not known for how much the city, which owns the stadium, will want a name. Atlas for the hall at ul. Bandurskiego pays approx. 1.5 million zł per year, which is a large sum. The competition announced by the City of Lodz is not reported to anyone else.

It is possible that Las Vegas will also support a football team Widzew. The company, however, still hesitating, because I do not know what the Lechia Tomaszów that Las Vegas at the moment supports. The club is a priority for the company, the team is fighting for promotion to the second division. Today in Las Vegas, in a sense, however, it supports the Lodz club, because the shirts for bearing the Web address of the page, „We share a passion,” which in turn finances the company Tomaszowa.


Who is the operator?

In Lodz magistrate they confirmed that they had heard about the fact that Las Vegas is interested in buying the naming rights to the new stadium. – But it is too early to talk about it. This is just the preliminary talks – heard.

At the moment it is not known who will operate the new facilities. As we found out, now it is almost a foregone conclusion that there will be a Municipal Sports and Recreation, who in the past managed the old facility at al. Pilsudski. Operator of the stadium would be Widzew, which plans to establish a foundation for this purpose, in order to avoid paying land tax. If this does not work out, it is possible that the object will manage the Municipal Culture and Sports Arena.

The cost of maintaining such a stadium is about 2 million zł per year.

Premier League. Tickets for Leicester last game sold out in 90 minutes

Just 90 minutes lasted sale of tickets for the final match of the season, which Leicester City players will play in front of their audience. On the Internet, „horses” do not want for up to 15 thousand. pounds. Sensational leader of the Premier League on May 7 and then take Everton could have ensured the championship.
The match will take place on 7 May and there are chances that Leicester will then celebrate the championship of England. At five games before the end of the Premier League Leicester has seven points clear of second-placed Tottenham. To win the title you need three wins.

On Monday he started selling tickets for the final match of the season at home to Everton. I ended up after 90 minutes. The club boasts on its website that tickets sold out in record time.

Many of those who bought tickets, almost immediately issued them for re-sale in the auction. After much higher prices. Prices for a single ticket prices reach several thousand pounds for a double seat you have to pay up to 15 thousand. pounds (about 80 thousand. zł). The normal selling tickets, depending on the location, cost tens of pounds.

A large group of supporters of Leicester, who have bought permanent membership in the club is disappointed. – How is it possible that I pay 100 pounds a year for the opportunity to pre-booked tickets and still can not do it? – Complain to the fans on the BBC website.

– Club for the past years, well treated fans, but I think I will have to answer the question of how it came to this situation. I do not know how come the average person would not afford such an expense. That’s the price of a decent used car – he said, quoted by the BBC website, one of the fans. – He writes another.

Leicester has announced that it will take legal action against people who will try to sell tickets above their prices and recalls that the unauthorized trade tickets in the UK crime.

Football Leaks. Leaked Neymar deal with Barcelona. Big money and bonus for the Golden Ball

„Football Leaks” reached the contract Neymar and revealed all records in his contract with Barcelona. Brazilian five years playing in Spain will earn 45.9 million euros, but that’s not all. 24-year-old can count on solid bonuses and rewards.
Brazilian for signature under contract with Barcelona earned $ 8.5 million. His basic salary is 5 million euros per season, and for every game, which will be in the frame of match gets 100 thousand euros. Additional money vested in the moment in which occurs in at least 60 per cent of official matches. Then Barcelona must pay Neymarowi over one million euros.

Finance representative of Brazil are heavily dependent on the results of the Catalan club. Every time when Barcelona advance to Champions League without playing in qualifying, is the account of a player affects 637 500 euro. Promotion to the knockout stage is 425 000 euros, and victory in the Champions League this earnings in the amount of 850 000 euro.

Robust Neymar also receives bonuses for success in the Primera Division. Spanish championship guarantees him 637 500 euro. In case of victory in the Primera Division and Copa del Rey Brazilian will earn a total of 850 000 euro.

Success in the King’s Cup and the Champions League is 1 062 000 euro bonus, and triumph in the Primera Division and Champions League guarantees him 1 487 500 euro. Treble Catalan club valued at 1.7 million euros.

Brazilian can also count on a bonus for winning the Golden Ball. If you win this prize during the duration of the current contract with Barcelona, the club will pay him 425 000 euro. Documents which reached „Football Leaks” also confirm that the departure clause written in the contract Neymar is 190 million euros.

 matura 2016 odpowiedzi

egzamin gimnazjalny 2016 odpowiedzi

The Brazilian came to the Camp Nou in June 2013, and the Catalan club have already won: the Spanish Super Cup, the King’s Cup, Spanish League, Champions League, European Super Cup and Club World Cup.

Tata Bolt Sport – Indian hot-hatch (Geneva 2015)

At the Geneva Motor Show the Tata brand presented the sporty top model variant Bolt, who received a plaque Sport.

If the model will follow in the direction of budget cars such as the model of the Nano, it will be the cheapest hot hatch on the market.

In respect of its more docile brother Bolt Sport model has received more aggressive exterior appearance. The model has a new front bumper, tinted lights and new 17-inch alloy wheels. The interior is trimmed in black color with red elements.

Power comes from 1.2-liter gasoline engine that produces 120 hp and 170 Nm of maximum torque in the range of 2000 to 3500 rev. / Min. The engine is mated with a 5-speed manual transmission. The driver has a choice of three driving modes Eco City and Sport.

Michael Biegler for I am glad that I am a Polish coach, not Germany [INTERVIEW]

When we look at the „old”, the great Polish representation, which in 2007 was runner-up in the world, in every position it was two great players. In the near future is no longer the case – says Michael Biegler, the coach of the Polish team handball, bronze medalists of the World Cup in Qatar.
Michael Szaflarski, Dominik Szczepanski: Since when are you a coach?

Michael Biegler: The seriously since 1985.

Why such a success, third place at the world championships, came after 30 years of work?

– I look at it differently. Now we have a great squad of players who play regularly in the Champions League, are in good clubs in Kielce and Plock, but compare that with something another.

Once we were with Jack (Będzikowskim, current assistant coach – ed.) In a very difficult situation. I was a coach in Wilhelmshaven, we had a very modest possibilities and understaffed, and Jacek had to play three positions. There was a season that barely gave advice to keep. And as the seasons come this year, in which not end up with the league, it is a success. When comprises a team that is last in the table and kept it in the league, this is also a success. This requires the whole season a lot more effort than working with the national team. You can not even compare.

Not just for the medals, because it’s not my style of work. In Germany, never drove the big teams, I was the coach, who preferred to lead smaller clubs. This style is more suited to me. I was brought up just so that you do not always only the first place has to be reckoned with. The idea is to move in the context of what we can do to be getting better and continues to grow. It gives me satisfaction.

How handball changed during these 30 years?

– Very. The game is now very fast, much more athletic. Players must quickly adjust to the next field to watch the game. They need to see that they do not stand alone on the pitch, hide opponents, playing a man short. In the attack, it is important to really good technique to ensure that there was talk of scoring a goal. Players today are more versatile and more creative when it comes to playing in the attack. During these 30 years handball grown enormously.

And what’s next? In which direction will follow these changes?

– You should not go in the direction of the acceleration of the game. Handball at the moment competes with other disciplines of the viewers and not become a sport, for which you can not keep up. We can not even more complicated.

How did it happen that you were the coach of the Polish team?

– Poland Handball Federation organized the contest. I sent the notification. Not obsessively looking for a job. The system had to fit both sides. I was surprised that they chose me, but I think there is always be surprised when you get the job.

And how do you like this job?

– It is diverse, because they do not deal with only the first staff. We must commend the President and the relationship that they give us the opportunity to invite for training many young people. This allows us to deal with the future.

How do you do it?

– Sometimes we would first spend a few days with some very talented young players, and then deal with dough, or Jureckimi Bielecki. Sometimes it’s hard to try something new, but in the end it all gives me a lot of joy.

Third place at the World Cup reflects our position in the world?

– We knew that Poland is able to win against teams from the big four, namely Denmark, France, Spain and Croatia. And so it was – we won championships with Spain after extra time, and earlier with Croatia. But it is not so that the other teams have bounced. In Qatar, it was Hungary, are nevertheless still strong Slovenia, Sweden and Germany.

Why we lost the match against Qatar?

– Over 60 minutes kryliśmy no rival in such a way that we set. It was a very difficult match for our players, but I think that for a long time the team played well, as planned, will not yield to knock out the rhythm of the hot atmosphere in the hall. There were some mistakes, a couple of times in the defense does not intercepted a few simple balls. We had at one time a real chance to handle the ball, but it happened a couple of things that happen when you play against the hosts, it’s normal, so we did not go as we wanted.

FIFA Ballon d’Or. Lewandowski does not apologize for voting for Ronaldo

I am aware of who they voted, and I’m not going to apologize for it! Copy, paste and so the rumor is born – wrote Tuesday night on Twitter, Robert Lewandowski. Earlier, the media reported that the Polish captain apologized to the club colleague Manuel Neuer for voting for someone else
– Selection of Ronaldo was a mistake on my part. But voted in August, today I would choose differently. I’m so sorry, „Manu” – said Lewandowski quoted by „Kicker”. Pole but misses to the right. He could not vote in August, as the list of nominees was announced until 28 October. Then began voting, which lasted until 21 November.

So we wrote on Tuesday afternoon, similar texts appeared in other sports media.

From the „Kicker” you can learn, too, that the Pole had a conversation on the choice made by myself with Bayern sporting director Matthias Sammer.

Now Lewandowski exercised his Twitter account to correct – perhaps people found cited – statement.